Custom Design Your Engagement Ring

 Engagement Rings

The love that stems from every committed relationship is unique. You should definitely find an engagement ring which uniquely fits both, your finger and that love of a lifetime. This uniquely perfect engagement ring may vary from pair to pair. At Gerry The Jeweler you can find rings ranging from traditional rings to personalized rings made with white diamond center stone, flanked by side stones set in gold or platinum. An engagement ring can be custom made by choosing and combining many elements mentioned at from gemstones, diamonds, metals and band styles. Even personalized rings could be made by adding special touches.

The Process Of Designing A Custom Made Ring
In general, there is a process of designing a unique ring. These specifics may vary according to the jeweler you select and your requirements.

1. First, have a distinct idea of what you want and sketch it out. Remember that for something unique you need not take the custom route as every engagement ring is made in a unique way. If you do not have a super-specific idea start searching the internet and jewelry stores and sketch designs that attract your eye.

2. Once you have finalized an idea, you need to find a jeweler who is trustworthy. Your own jeweler may have an in-house jewelry maker, or they may refer you to a colleague. A jeweler as an artist may likely add some of his own touches so get a look at his previous work. Also, be very specific with your jeweler as to what you have in mind, in order to get what you want.

3. Now since the jeweler and the design are both ready, having a long conversation with him to start the project would be advisable. Be sure to get a computer-aided image or see a mock-up in wax, to make sure if it is the required ring and also, get a better idea of what the ring would look like. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and clear your doubts since he may be an expert in the field, but it is your special ring, not the jeweler’s.

4. Make sure you get maximum warranties and guarantees to protect yourself when getting custom rings made. Also have everything in writing, from the design, designer, the elements included and the final appraisal. Another important thing is to get your ring insured as its value is far more than just monetary value.

There are few pros and cons to understand when making your custom engagement ring. The awesome benefits of getting a custom-made ring are that it is a pure reflection of your personality. Only you will have that ring and it will reflect your values and interests. As a couple, you can create a symbol of who you are, by making matching rings and also truly unique designs will attract attention. It may be comparatively little expensive and may take several months for completion. It may be unpredictable, but as every engagement ring has a beautiful story you may want yours also to be a story even after decades of saying “I do.”

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