Ways Of Choosing A Suitable Cage For Your Pet Rats


Cage is the primary requirement of growing your pet rats in their house. Rats cannot be let free in your house, so it is vital to make use of the right cage for them. You should consider various factors when choosing a cage for your pet rats. There are specific considerations to be taken into account when buying a suitable cage for your pet rats. The rat cage calculator helps to calculate the right size of your rat cage. You can visit the link metro.co.uk/2017/03/03/15-reasons-why-rats-should-be-your-next-pet-6452857/ to know the reasons for growing a rat as a pet in your house.

The article below suggests some useful inputs on choosing the right cage for your pet rats. You must consider the following factors when selecting an appropriate rat cage.

This is the primary factor that you must consider when choosing a rat cage. It is better to go for a bigger cage as rats prefer to live in a huge space. They are playful animals who wish to explore things around them. A greater space inside the cage can help in placing several toys for your pet rats. It is not possible to allow the rats to roam in your house. So it is always good that you offer them a spacious cage. Commercial cages are not that spacious. If you do not have enough space in your house, then you can go for cages with minimum requirements. It is sufficient if your cage is of 2 feet in both height and breadth. You can also prefer multi storey cages, as it may give your rats an opportunity to climb, play and explore.

This is an essential factor that should be considered. Choose the right type of construction material for building the rat cage. Pet rat owners make use of wire cages. Aquarium setup cages fail as it does not provide the required air circulation to the pets. The use of aquarium type cages absorbs the heat, and it causes various health problems. Wire cages provide proper ventilation, and this ensures adequate air circulation. The wire cage should have a spacing of nearly ½ inch to 1 inch based on the size of the rat.

It is important that you choose the right spot for placing the rat cage. It is always good that you do not set the cage on the floor. This can prevent the exposure to drafts. Place them in a room where there is a proper flow of sunlight. Ensure that the cage is not placed directly in sunlight. Place your rat cage in a quiet room. Ensure that they get some interaction with you. Do not place them in the kitchen as the fumes from the kitchen can make them sick.

Rats are playful creatures which get bored easily. So it is vital that you entertain them by placing certain accessories inside the cage. Failing to treat them can lead to stress-related problems in rats. Place toys, ladders, tunnels etc. on the cage for the rats to play and enjoy. Toys made with wood are ideal for rats. You can create tunnels using toilet paper tubes. Provide specific stuff for your pet rats to chew.

The above are the various considerations that you should take into account when choosing a cage for your pet rat.

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