Ever Roasted Coffee In A Popcorn Popper?

roasting coffee

Every exciting conversation starts over a cup of coffee. Whether it is with friends, family or colleague’s coffee tends to make conversation friendlier and cozy. Have you ever heard of the technique to roast coffee beans in a popper? Doesn’t it sound interesting? According to www.leaf.tv/articles/how-to-clean-a-popcorn-machine/, it is a straightforward job to do any time you want. Your friends will be taken by surprise if they see you doing this. All you got to use is a 1500 watt peppery (West bend Poppers) as the device. Do not use any other popper or you might end up damaging it.

How To Do It?
Arrange for a dryer vent that can fit in it or an empty soup can which can do the job. Use a wooden spoon to complete the task of stirring or an electric shock can be a risk. Avoid using a small spoon as the more extended the vessel, the better it will be for you. Take some coffee either by weight or by volume whatever makes you comfortable. A plastic molded bottom can be used for the process. Once you have gathered all the equipment, it’s time to process the process which is not tough at all. Be careful the first time you do this, or you might end up spoiling the popper.

Let’s start with the preparations first and then move on with the process. We advice to not do it indoor as there will be some amount of smoke generated from the popper which can make you uncomfortable. Do it in an open space to provide an outlet for the smoke. Few popper models have a plastic lid which should be removed when preparing it for roasting coffee. Prepare the soup can next by opening both of its ends and cleaning it after that. The purpose of the soup can is to work as a chimney. Make the soup can fit on top of the popper to facilitate the process of removal of fumes.

We suggest using the West bend popper 1500W only as it has worked out well with the roasting process. Some other popper will need a sort of experimentation. You can acquire this popery online, or there is a huge chance of finding a duplicate one if you buy it from the local store. This is the particular variant of popper which is very safe, and it is built like a take to provide enough space. Some might not prefer using it as it is an outdoor popper. In the winter season, it can be a difficult task to use an outdoor popper.

The rest of the process involves putting a measured amount of coffee beans in the popper approx 130 to 136 gm small sized coffee beans. Pour the seeds into the popper and let them dance in a random order, this shows that it is working. The beans start getting roasted inside the popper as you switch on the popper. As the seeds begin getting lighter, there will be a time when you will have to switch off the popper. You can recognize that spot from the sound or the time itself. You can also find exciting videos only to learn the experience of roasting coffee in a popper.

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