Awaken Your Femininity With Sensuous Pregnancy


Motherhood is an emotion and not just a phase in every woman’s life. It is a celebration of Life itself, and the joy of seeing those tiny hands after 9 months of pregnancy. find a feminine coach or enroll yourself for a natural birth class so that you can have a stress-free delivery. As mentioned in getting adequate information on pregnancy is vital to have a safe and healthy pregnancy.

It is a beautiful experience and reveals your femininity. It teaches you the importance of acceptance and surrenders you completely. You learn the art of selfless love and compassion; you learn how to take care and nourish yourself; it teaches you how to receive support, and you learn to be supportive.

It is amazing to see how the tiny embryo growing inside you can create a crescendo of emotions. Another astounding fact is that it is a Teacher and you slowly learn to accept the little one growing inside your womb. Right from the time, the two distinct lines appear on your pregnancy kit to the moment you hear your baby’s heartbeat; each moment is a time of waiting.

This intense emotion is rightly characteristic of a woman, and it is neither weak nor fragile. It is a strong force that prepares you for the ecstatic moment of conception.
This euphoric silence is a blend of several emotions. It is wonderful to experience Life within you and rejoice from the time the embryo was implanted safely in your womb until it grew up to acquire a shape and form.

While your body prepares beautifully to create a safe dwelling haven for the little one, you wait eagerly as your due date appears. There are changes in your body, you gain extra pounds, and your spirit is unmatched while you wait with bated breath for the arrival of your baby into the world.

Pregnancy- An Emotion
Pregnancy can be described as a physical and divine celebration of love making that results in the creation of an incredible miracle inside you. It is the beginning of love and the creation of love that stems from two different souls. The joy of giving birth is evident from the myriad of emotions that runs through your body. You are happy one moment, and before you realize, you are craving for spicy chicken wings or salted nachos.

When you hear people say that you are glowing during your pregnancy, it is primarily due to the innate feeling of the impending motherhood that lifts your soul and fills every cell in your body. A woman’s body is now in sync with the cosmic lunar cycle that includes menstruation, motherhood, and menopause. You glow from within in knowing that an inexplicable bond traverses from your heart to the tiny baby swimming in your amniotic fluid. It is safe from any danger, and your maternal instincts grow stronger as you fiercely guard your unborn baby.

Whether by personal choice or the advances in science, several women do not experience motherhood. Few expectant mothers confide that it is only after motherhood that you feel like a complete woman. When you celebrate pregnancy, the ripeness of your body mimics Mother Earth about to bear fruit. You enjoy the changes in your body while your growing belly leaves you in a whirlwind of psychological and physical changes that have swept through your body. Throughout these nine months of your pregnancy, you are engulfed and left enraptured by the tenderness of maternal love.

Flaunting their baby bump is what celebrities do these days, and they unabashedly speak regarding their mind. They talk about their femininity and accept the fact that her sensuality has increased due to the inner power of the Womb.

Pregnancy is Nature’s way of letting you embrace a new life, and to nourish yourself physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.