Answering Some Vital Questions About Growing Cannabis

The number of posts that talk about – this is how you grow a weed plant indoors – are innumerable. We all know growing cannabis at home is possible, many growers do it. But what is the nitty-gritty of it? How much time does it take? What are the six essential things a marijuana plant needs to thrive? In this article, we tackle both these questions. If you are still undecided on the value of cannabis, this post is a recommended read.

How much time does it take to grow marijuana?
The timeline looks something like this:
• Seed to harvest is over three months
• Drying the harvested plant is approximately one week
• To cure the plant one needs a little bit more than two weeks

In a gist, it takes about four months from buying the seeds to actually smoking the plant. This is a rough estimate, the harvest time period changes depending upon the strain. While some take a lot of time, others grow faster. Additionally, if you want taller and bigger plants, then the time to yield comes even later. The curing time can also alter. Growers who prefer superior quality and a smoother taste will always cure the bud for over 14 days. This gives a higher potency to marijuana. Buds that are cured for almost four weeks are stronger; therefore, they do not result in side-effects like anxiety and headaches.

What are the six essential things cannabis needs to grow?
The best part about growing marijuana is that it is an uncomplicated plant that doesn’t need much caring. As long s they are provided with six resources, they will not only grow but also thrive.
• Water is essential. If you use pH maintained water, it is even better. For soil plants, it should be about 6-7 pH, and for hydro plants, it is 5.5 to 6.5pH.
• Bright light can affect the yield to a great extent. Therefore, lights are crucial.
• Nutrients, because everything that grows needs raw material. If you are using packed nutrients, begin with half of what is recommended.
• Fresh air is the best resource. When that is not possible, use fans to circulate a light breeze.
• The temperature should be warm. During the day it can be slightly hotter. It will not cause damage to the plants. But freezing or cold temperatures are a big no.
• Soil or any grow medium can be used to plant the seeds.

The plant that is known by numerous names like pot, ganja, weed and bud can live in many environments. Cannabis can be found growing naturally in many parts of the world. But the most popular is the bud of a female cannabis plant. It is this bud that is dried and cured to be used as medical and recreational marijuana. When a plant can grow virtually anywhere, then it entails that anyone can harvest it quickly at home too! We recommend every plant lover to try once at least.

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